Financial Planning


It doesn’t matter how much money you have, we all need to make plans for our future.

Financial planning is a well-developed process which starts by determining your current situation, works with you to identify your financial goals and then provides a plan to help you achieve your goals taking into account your specific circumstances.

financial planning graphTypical goals which you might have may be to save for a better retirement, to buy your own home or pay for school and university fees.

The financial planning process starts with a comprehensive financial review to determine your current financial situation. We will help you develop your financial goals and identify specific courses of action which are open to you. We will evaluate a range of alternative strategies to achieve your aims and make specific recommendations to you using our knowledge and experience. Wherever possible your plan will take advantage of any tax incentives that are available to you.

As well as looking at your finances, we will also check that you and your family are financially protected should circumstances change.

Once we have agreed the strategy with you we will help implement it for you. This is where most of our clients feel the true benefit of our service. We will do the hard work for you, remember it’s our job to simplify your financial life.

Financial planning doesn’t stop there, it is important to regularly review and update your plan and we will be there for you, to help guide and advise you, as your plan develops and your circumstances change.

We aim to leave you with the peace of mind that your finances are firmly under control.

Financial Advice... pure and simple

The Ethical Partnership Ltd provides financial advice and planning, in plain English, to people who want to ensure they make the right financial decisions at the right times and at the right cost. It's simple!

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