Private Medical Insurance

With NHS waiting times for both appointments and treatments increasing many people opt to take out a private medical insurance plan. This can cover you for the cost of seeing a consultant and if needed being treated in a private hospital. Normally you will be seen in days rather than weeks providing peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Medical Insurance is normally paid monthly and the costs are based on the level of cover you choose, your age and sometimes your health. If you don’t already have medical insurance most insurers will exclude treatment for any previous treatments you have had for a period of two years from taking out the plan.

The way it works

If you have a health concern, you will see your GP as normal and should notify your GP that you have private medical insurance. If your GP feel’s a treatment or consultation is needed they will refer you to a selected specialist where you will be seen at a convenient time to suit you. If your consultant recommends treatment this will normally be fully covered and carried out in a private hospital very quickly.

GP’s budgets are under pressure and it relieves them of the financial burden if you are able to cover the costs of treatment privately. A simple phone call with your insurer normally lets you know instantly whether you are covered or not and then you proceed with the treatment.

There are a number of plan types and cover levels which suit different people and budgets. The cover is very valuable and becomes more expensive as you get older but for many people it is a must have insurance given the extended waiting times with our NHS.

We can help you understand the options available to you and recommend a suitable plan.

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